Coffee is personal

The right way to brew, is the way you like to drink it best. Every brewing method and each coffee can be experimented upon to find your very own sweet spot. So teaching you or training you is something we would never do. There are however, a few tricks we've tried that we could share.

Once you've tried our coffees you will learn very quickly that they are quite versatile in how you brew them. Many of our coffees are just as delicious across a range of brewing apparatus. So do play around but do also request us to grind them to perfectly suit your brewing method.

Our coffees are quite versatile in the ways you can brew them. From Espresso machines to the Indian Filter, you can get them ground to perfection for your favourite brew method. Pick a brewing method that best highlights the flavours you want in your cup - dark chocolate, brightness and acidty or a caffeine type hit. We have recommended a grind size (we use a Mahlkonig VTA6ST) but remember, this is our take on our coffees alone.

French Press

[Coarse grind]

The French Press coffee is a bit heavy but has its own charm. Best to pour it out of the coffee pot right after extraction to make sure the coffee doesn’t go bitter. 4 minutes tops! Takes about 7-8 grams of coffee for about 200ml of water.

Indian filter coffee

[Medium-fine grind]

The most prevalent coffee makers in the country. Everyone has had one. A fairly simple process best done with a medium-fine grind to allow for that deep filter coffee flavour.

Kalita Wave

[Medium grind]

Made by the Kalita family that has been making coffee equipment since the 1950s. Works similar to the V60s - some say more controlled - makes for a very crisp, clean cup of coffee.

Drip Coffee Machine

[Medium or Medium-fine grind]

The drip machine is a no hassle, automatic brewing still makes it the go-to choice for a quick caffeine fix. For best results use about 2-3 table spoons of coffee for about 200ml of water.


[Medium grind]

Our irreplaceable travel companion. From field visits to a cousin's wedding - it is taken everywhere. The jury is out on whether to brew the regular or inverted method.

Moka Pot

[Medium-fine grind]

It makes for a nice strong cup of coffee. Best with a medium grind. Too fine and the moka pot could explode. True story!

Cold Brew

[Extra coarse]

Our favourite summer time brew. 1:10 -1:16 coffee to water, 12-16 hours of steeping in the fridge later. A smooth cold one with both a soothing and deceptively rich taste. Very cool!

Harito V60S


The V60, or Vector 60, named so because of the 60 degree cone that forms the main chamber. A medium grind with a slow pour leads to a well balanced and clean cup. Comes in ceramic, plastic and metal and a really nice copper.

You can also get the ROK press if you so fancy, or the espresso maker or the siphon and the Chemex, and then there is the laundry list of Kickstarter projects that just make coffee brewing such an experience. There is also the rarely done, coffee brewing without equipment method, but lets just leave that for an in-case-of-emergency type situation.

Recklessness is advised

Black Baza Coffee sources good coffee. Good for pretty much any brew method.