Did you know?

One of the first tree species actively planted for the purpose of shade cover on coffee farms, was Gulmohur! How weird! This was way back in the early 1900s

Coffee is full of existential questions. Your path to more than brilliant coffee starts with...

Why are you drinking coffee?
When are you going to drink it? 
How are you going to brew your coffee?

and equally importantly
Is your coffee forest and farmer friendly? 

Why are you drinking coffee?
Are you drinking for flavour or do you want the coffee to wake you up?

Robusta’s are stronger, have twice the caffeine but they have limited aroma and depth of flavour.  A blend of both Robusta or Arabica will give you a good mix of both punch and flavour. Take the Otter out for a spin if that is the fix you are looking for. 

When are you going to drink it?
Is this your morning pick me up or you are the kinds that sip through coffee all day?

A Robusta + Arabica blend would work for the mornings. Pure Arabica’s work better for those who run on coffee. The caffeine content is high enough to keep you motivated, but not Robusta levels such that that it makes you want to sign up for at the 6am Sunday 20K. 

You could try the Otter or Ficus before breakfast and then dial it down with the The Wanderoo

If you feel you need it intravenously however, try the Baza or Luna.

Hulled coffee beans are tirelessly graded and garbled to select only the best quality beans